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Rats & Mice

Say good riddance to rodents! Where ever you are in Melbourne, you’ll sleep better tonight.

Bees & Wasps

We manage bees, wasps, mosquitos and any annoying thing that fly’s. We stop them fast.

Nasty Crawlies

Anything scary, creepy or crawly, whether it’s cockroaches, spiders or ants we can help.

Melbourne Pest Control

If you have a pest problem, it’s best to have it taken care of quickly before it gets out of hand. When it comes to infestation removal, you’ll need the best pest control services you can trust from the best pest control companies, so don’t delay, turn to Best Pest Control Melbourne for all your pest control needs.

We provide quick and effective service. Best Pest Control Melbourne uses a variety of modern pest removal techniques and equipment, and our methods are personalised to take care of your individual pest control needs. Call us today for a free quote and see how easy it can be to have your pest problems taken care of.

Kid Safe, Pet Safe

Best Pest Control Melbourne for a safety home A common concern is the safety of people and pets when pest treatments are carried out for home pest control. Our pest control technicians here at Best Pest Control Melbourne have pet safe Pest Control Melbourneyears of experience and will ensure that all the treatments are carried out with everyone’s safety being the first priority. Speak with one of our representatives today to discuss options to fit your needs.

Pest Control Services Melbourne

kid safe pet safe Pest Control MelbourneNo one likes having pests and vermin in their homes and you don’t want to have to wait for them to be taken care of; you also don’t want these infestations coming back weeks after the treatment. Our Pest control services ensure we use the best in quality equipment and experts who know how to take care of pest problems. Our services in Best Pest Control Melbourne include both commercial and residential pest control. Call us today- we’ll have your problem taken care of in no time at all.


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Commercial Pest Control

Pest problems in your business can be embarrassing and lose you money. Don’t let these pests ruin your business, Pest Control Melbourne can take care of the problem and have your business back on track in time at all. Contact us today to avoid losing customers because of an infestation in your workplace.

Termites Treatment Melbourne

Termite Pest Control MelbourneTermites can do serious damage to your property and the costs of repairs are far more expensive than catching them early with the best Pest Control Melbourne companies. We’ll quickly inspect your property and make sure that your home is protected from these vandals. We provide the best termite treatment in Melbourne and our termite inspections and treatment solutions are merely a phone call away.

Termite Inspection

The early detection of a termite infestation is crucial in reducing the amount of damage that they are able to do to your home. Our termite inspectors are capable of examining your home for termite infestation so that treatments can be applied quickly in order to remove the termites. Contact us for a free quote on a termite inspection today.

Termite Treatment Melbourne

best termite Pest Control Melbourne teamWhen you get your home treated for termites, you want to make sure they are gone for good. We are so confident in our experts at Best Pest Control Melbourne who provide the pest control services that we guarantee their effectiveness. If termites come back within 6 months, we’ll reapply the treatments at no extra charge. Contact us today to end your termite problems for good.

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Termite Control

Pest Control Melbourne soldiers for termite control There are some things you can do to make your home less attractive to termites. Remove excess wood on your property to take away materials that termites will see as food. You should also check to make sure that the seals in your windows are in good condition, which will help keep out moisture that leads to creating the damp environment termites enjoy. Call one of our representatives at Best Pest Control Melbourne today for more advice on reducing your risk for termite infestation.

Termite Protection

Termite protection can be installed when first constructing a home. This is done by making the foundation out of termite protection Pest Control Melbourneinedible materials and placing protective measures throughout the infrastructure to prevent their invasion. This combined with effective control methods done by our experts at Best Pest Control Melbourne professionals can keep termites from ever becoming a problem for your home.

White Ant Control

white ant Pest Control Melbourne servicesThink you saw some strange, white ants? “White ants” are just another name for termites.  Our white ant control team can effectively diagnose your issue with an inspection.  If we find out they are white ants, we can treat and control them so your home stays protected.

Rodent and Rat Control

rodent Pest Control Melbourne servicesAnother group of invasive scavengers are rodents, including rats among others. These pests don’t just steal food, they can also chew through your wires, damage your ventilation and AC systems, and spread disease. The damage that these rodents cause increases rapidly the longer they are left unchecked so swift response is recommended to reduce losses. Call one of Best Pest Control Melbourne rodent control experts today to rescue your home from these attackers.

Mice Control

mice Pest Control Melbourne servicesMice will also attempt to scavenge in your home, however this is not the only danger they pose. Mice can also spread bacteria and disease, putting your health at risk the longer the mice are allowed to run rampant in your home. Contact a Pest Control Melbourne mice expert today to have these pests removed right away.

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Flea Control

‘Fleas can be incredibly difficult to remove yourself. By vacuuming and keeping a clean house, you can help reduce their numbers but this isn’t enough to get rid of them for good. Our Best Pest Control Melbourne experts have skills and equipment available to them that make the job of clearing these pests significantly easier. Call today and we can give you a free quote and some more advice for how to control fleas and even schedule an inspection and extermination.

Cockroach Control

cockroach pest control servicesCockroaches are highly adaptive and hard to eliminate entirely but with the help of our cockroach control experts the process is significantly easier. We will thoroughly examine your home and remove all cockroaches to keep the infestation from coming back. Contact us today for a Pest Control Melbourne expert’s advice and to schedule your inspection.

Bees and Wasps Control

bees and wasps pest control servicesGetting stung hurts, so it’s in your best interests to have your bee and wasp problems taken care of immediately. Our bee and wasp control experts can remove these dangerous pests from your home quickly and safely. This especially important to do with species of wasps not native to the Melbourne area that have no natural predators here; these bees and wasps can grow in population with startling speed. Contact Best Pest Control Melbourne as soon as possible to protect your home from bees and wasps.

Spiders Control

spider control servicesSpiders can be incredibly dangerous and if you have other pests in your home, they can quickly grow in population. If you notice spiders in your home, contact our Best Pest Control Melbourne expert today to inspect your home to see what kind of spiders they are and the best way to remove them safely. Trust only the company that provides an expert pest control services in spider control and do not try to remove these spiders yourself which can lead to injuries.

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Silverfish Control

silverfish infestationSilverfish are stealthy so you may not be aware that they are in your home right away. Some things to look for are the glistening scales and flickers of rapid movement when you turn on the light in your bathroom or garage. Contact our silverfish control experts at Best Pest Control Melbourne for a thorough inspection.


Insect Control

expert pest controlThere are many varieties of pests that may try to invade your home but the majority are insects. Our experts have a wide knowledge base when it comes to dealing with any insects that may be invading your home or properties. For all your insect control needs, contact Pest Control Melbourne today for immediate help.

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