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When you have heard the ominous buzzing of these flying insects hard at work or the low drone of a nest, then it’s time to contact Pest Control Melbourne for the best in bee and wasp control.

Our Bees & Wasp Control Services:

These critters can be particularly dangerous to humans and pets, especially if a member of your family has an allergy to stings.  In the event that you’re dealing with a large nest, you’ll definitely need control experts out to help you eliminate the problem.  Since we have all the necessary gear and equipment to do this safely, why risk getting stung yourself?

Our experts have provided the best services to the thousands of customers we’ve serviced in the area.  We’ve done work in cockroach control,  removal of insects, rat infestations, and the myriad of other bugs that plague homes in the area.

Our Services:

  • Inspection: Locate the nests and determine the species.
  • Control: Carefully and safely destroy the nests.

These creatures are not typically dangerous on their own, but when you’re dealing with a large nest, or one located near your home, you need professionals to come out to conduct  and remove them.  When they live so closely, it’s easy to disturb them, which can lead to swarms of these stinging pests attacking you or your pets.

About the bugs

They are both members of the Apocrita suborder, a branch of the insect family that contains wasps, bees, and ants.  Both of these species feed on nectar as adults, and thus, are attracted to pollinating plants.  Both of the flying species carry powerful stings that can cause swelling, discomfort, and if the victim happens to be allergic, anaphylactic shock.

It is for this reason that extermination and eradication are best left to the professionals.  Any attempt to disturb the nest can result in a swarming attack, so let the experts at Pest Control Melbourne come with the proper equipment and training to remove it safely.

Signs of Infestation:

The clearest indications of an infestation are the nests they build. Both critters are capable of creating free-hanging nests, or they can take up residence in hollows of homes, trees, or even in the ground.

Taking advantage of the extra food and energy provided by summer, the nests can grow much quicker during these months than any other.  So where one week there wasn’t a nest, suddenly the next week there’s a large, healthy, buzzing hive.  These flying creatures return to their hives consistently, so following them is an excellent way to find out where they live making the control more effective and securing the safety of your house.

About our Pest Control Service

Our pest control company in Melbourne has been a respected provider of pest control services in the area for many years.  Our technicians have the highest qualifications and are licensed by the most respected industry licensing agencies in the coountry.  Whether you are in need of removal services, have rats in your walls, or need a hive removed, contact our experts today for a no-obligation, no-fee quote.

Bee and Wasp Removal

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