Pest Control Melbourne’s Termite Inspection

Termite inspections can save you thousands. Pest Control Melbourne’s experienced team is Melbourne’s most affordable choice for termite inspection.  

Regular termite inspection is the first step to keeping your home free of termites. Termites left unchecked can do significant damage to your home. They will eat their way through joints, structural support, and even undermine your foundation.  Many home owners do not take enough precautions, waiting until they already have a costly termite problem before they actually consider pest control options.

Termite Inspection MelbourneAt Pest Control Melbourne, we offer the most comprehensive termite inspection at prices you can afford. If you find evidence of termites, we will find where they are hiding so that termite treatment can begin fast. Even better, we can perform regular termite inspection and offer you all the control options you need to prevent expensive infestations before they happen.

One call will have you booked for a full service termite inspection from Pest Control Melbourne. In about an hour, we will have looked your home over top to bottom for signs of termites and other pests, and have a custom solution for all your pest control needs.

Termites damage takes time, so be on the look-out for the following signs, a sure sign your home needs our help.

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Soft Spots

Termites don’t just eat your wood, they live in it. They will bores tiny holes in wooden planks, joints and supports, eating as they make pathways between your home and their nests. Over a period of time, they will hollow out wood until there is only a thin outer layer, leaving nothing but their so called mud – a mixture of faeces, saliva and dirt.  Wood that they have been eating through may sound hollow when knocked, and the layers of this mud inside can make it feel soft or spongy.  If walls or floors are starting to sag, it may be a sign you need a termite inspection.

Mud Tubes

termite inspection servicesThat same mud that makes your wood feel spongy will also be used to create covered walkways when wood gives out. Termites need moisture, and so open air in their tunnels can drive them out.  If you see what looks like tubes of mud growing near doors, through crawl spaces or along outside walls you may have a nearby nest.  Those tubes connect the nest to their source of food- your home.  Since disturbing termite nests can cause them to scatter, making it harder to find and treat, if you see mud tubes, call a professional right away.  Pest Control Melbourne’s highly trained technicians can find the nests without disturbing them during a full termite inspection, allowing us to treat them right at the source and eventually conduct termite removal process.

Termite Holes

Best termite inspection services MelbourneTermite Inspection Melbourne team are trained to look for the tiny holes they leave along exterior walls and in furniture.  Termite damage begins with a series of fine holes bored into wood surfaces, the beginnings of the vast connected tunnels they will eat into your walls over time.

Termite Debris

Termite Inspection Melbourne teamSome species of termites are subterranean, and if your home isn’t properly protected, they can find ways underground where we can’t see.  However, every type of termite leaves evidence.  It may be their faeces, which resembles wood pellets, or the wings that reproductive termites leave when they prepare to mate.  No matter what the evidence is, the Pest Control Melbourne team will find it during termite inspection.  When termites begin to mate, they will shed their wings, which may look like fish scales appearing in the corners of your home.

Calling a professional pest inspectors the moment you see any of these signs is the key to keeping your home safe.  Termites cause millions in damages each year. Don’t let your home be one of the casualties. Termite inspection is a key to keeping your home protected, and we have the experience you need to do it right.  Call Pest Control Melbourne today at (03) 8672 3273 for a fast, affordable answer to termite protection and treatment.

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