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Why wait until you have a problem to prevent termites? Call Pest Control Melbourne and find out about our termite protection and termite prevention.

We know you hate termites. So do we. You know that we offer regular inspections and treatment when termites take over. But did you know that you can protect yourself from termites even before they arrive?  Your Pest Control Melbourne team can help you with that, too. Once termites are inside, treatment can be messy and expensive.  Inspection is always the first step, but with Pest Control Melbourne, termite protection is just a phone call away.

Termite protection and prevention isn’t just about inspections, although that’s always the place to start.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. We can provide you with a number of low termite protection cost options to help keep your home from becoming a target.

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Some of the recommendations that your professional pest inspector might make include:

  • Remove easy targetsTermite protection services
  • Reduce moisture
  • Employ decoys
  • Install barriers

Remove Easy Targets

Termites eat cellulose, the natural fibers found in most plants. Wood, which is inedible to most creatures, is especially high in cellulose, becoming a prime target for termites. When you leave exposed wood where termites can get to it, you are setting a banquet up and inviting them onto your property and into your home.

Stacked wood, such as firewood or from construction or renovation is an ideal target for termites. Professional advice for termite protection is don’t store wood near your house, and make sure any wood is treated or inspected before it gets close.

termite protection adviceGardens are another prime source of wood. Many times we find that the mulch and bed liners in customer’s gardens had not been treated to prevent termites.  Make sure all wood is treated, or explore non-wood options for mulch and garden liners.

Fences, decks, and porches are often built right up against your home. Just as you seek to seal them against water damage, make sure you have them treated to prevent or repel termites and other pests. It will keep your deck looking nice and your home safe from termites.

Ground to wood contact is where external wood, such as walls of your house, touch the soil outside directly. These are places where termites who build subterranean nests can get inside your walls without being seen by burrowing up through the soil, protecting and hiding them from view.  Another termite protection expert’s advice is by making sure that only impervious materials such as concrete or metal directly touch the ground, you lower the chance of termites finding a way in from underneath, getting into walls and floors unseen.

Reduce Moisture

Termites are attracted to moisture. Your home provides the wood, but for their nests to function, they also need access to water. Humidity and high moisture levels in soil draw termites just as much as easy access to wood.  Increase ventilation and use dehumidifiers or fans in basements, attics ,and around crawl spaces to dry them out and drive termites off.

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Employ Decoys

Termite Protection DecoysShort of only building with metal and concrete, you’re still going to have food for termites. Termite protection and prevention that includes reducing their access to food may help deter them, but can you be sure they haven’t just found some new way in?  While regular pest inspection can help keep an eye out for signs they have found access, there are ways to make it easier.  Using bait designed to draw into the open is a great tool.  Baits will not only give them easy access to something that isn’t your home, but will serve as an early warning system for when termites have moved into an area. Once you start finding evidence of termites in your bait traps, its time to call your friends at Pest Control Melbourne and let the termite protection professionals drive them off before they get in.

Install Barriers

Termite protection is often about making your home the less appealing target, but you cannot eliminate every risk. That is where barriers come into play.  There are two major types of barriers that Pest Control Melbourne offers – physical and chemical.

Physical barriers are designed to slow termites down and force them into the open, where regular monitoring and termite inspections will find them quickly, before they have a chance to do any damage.  This can include metal caps, concrete and impervious plastics that termites must find a way around in order to get to wood.  With regular inspection, the mud tubes that termites make to protect their pathways around this barriers will reveal where they are headed before they get there, allowing termite treatment to take place while they are still outside the home.

We also utilize termite control chemicals for termite solutions such as chemical barrier treatments. Designed to repel or kill termites, they can be applied directly to the soil, wood, concrete and other surfaces around your home and yard.  Because these are chemicals, it is best to let a professional apply them, and our teams are trained to select the right treatments for the most vulnerable areas of your home.

Call your Pest Control Melbourne team today to set up an inspection and find out what termite protection we recommend for your home. Our friendly operators are standing by. Call now at (03) 8672 3273.

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