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Our homes are more than just the place we live in – they stand for family, and often a legacy we intend to pass down to our children.  In order for it to be there for them, we have to ensure that it’s protected from the ravages of time, weather, and damaging insects.   Residential pest control services in MelbourneThe amount of damage that can be caused by pest species such as termites and rats is immense, and in the case of rodents, it can even result in heavy cleaning costs to make the home safe to live in again.

While some pests, aren’t likely to cause any serious damage to your home, they are decidedly unpleasant to live with, and a hazard to the health of every member of your family, both four legged and two.

Commercial and Residential Pest Control ServicesWe provide both residential and commercial pest control services in Melbourne, and our experts are able to protect your important investments from being invaded by any species of pests, whether they are destructive, dangerous, or merely a nuisance in your home.   Call the experts today at  to get residential pest control services including a free no-obligation quote.

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Residential Insect Control Services

thumbs up residential pest control services melbourneIf you’re looking for residential insect control services in Melbourne, then our company should be your first stop.  We take every precaution to ensure that your family receives the safest, best priced services in the area.  No more will your home or business play host to unwelcome pests.

Bug Control for the Home

We know know the techniques necessary from pest sprays to using the most effective extermination methods to effectively eliminate the problem while maintaining the safety of your pets and family upon their return.   Sometimes this will involve leaving your home for a few hours while the solution is administered.

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The extermination professionals in Melbourne employ  the most recent equipment, and are ready to quickly respond to our customers when you need insect infestation monitoring is needed covering commercial and residential control services.  As we have serviced the area for over 55 years we have a sound local knowledge which enable us to provide you with accurate advice and effective treatments.

Residential Bug Control

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