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termite treatment serviceTermites are bad news for any property owner. Whether they get into your home or commercial property, we are here to help you get them back out.  Termites, also called white ants for their appearance, chew and tunnel through wood, taking up residence in the very walls and floors they are eating.  A termite colony can cause massive damage to your property as walls and floors begin to sag, and getting them back out of the walls is no easy task for most homeowners.  For termite treatment, your Best Pest Control Melbourne team is equipped with the latest technology and training to make getting rid of termites and keeping them out a breeze.

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Signs of Termites

termite and pest controlThey say that knowledge is power. Knowing the signs of termites gives you the power to stop them through termite treatment and control the moment they appear. Sagging walls and floors are the sign that most people recognise, but by then, they may have done significant damage to your home. So, before you have a major problem, look for these signs:

  • Soft spots in your floor or deck.
  • Holes in your drywall or exposed wood, interior or exterior – walls, posts, floors, furniture.
  • Termite “mud” tubes – a mixture of termite saliva, feces, and dirt they use to cover broken areas. These will often appear near doors or along the foundation.
  • Live termites – during the day, some species of termites will swarm near light sources. Termites can have wings, workers are sterile and white, while fertile drones and queens may be larger and darker in color.
  • Piles of wings – winged termites will shed their wings during a certain phase in their development. This results in them leaving a pile of small silver wings that look like fish scales near the entrance to their nests.

Termite Inspection

Termite control takes place in three stages. The first is an inspection.  Best Pest Control Melbourne inspectors use the latest technology to find termites wherever they may hide.  An inspection will typically take 45 minutes to an hour and a half during which we will conduct a full inspection looking for any signs that you already have a problem.  We will check everywhere – inside, outside, outbuildings and crawl spaces. We will then provide you with the termites treatment cost or termite control we recommend based on our inspection.

Termite Treatment Melbourne

Termite Treatment MelbourneIt is an advantage to have a knowledge on DIY termite treatments however, for the most effective termite treatment Best Pest Control Melbourne is the one you can rely on. If we find termites, our next step is obvious – get them out fast and keep them out with our termite treatment. If you find termites, call us first so we can get working on your solution, right away.

Termite Control

Once we are sure your home is termite-free, the final step is termite control.  Our termite treatment will get rid of termites, but our control is what keeps them from coming back.  During the termite inspection process, Best Pest Control Melbourne inspectors will be looking for the places where your home is vulnerable. We will identify all the places where barriers which may be with the use of termite treatment chemicals or physical can be situated to keep your home safe.

Termite Treatment Control MelbournePart of good control is identifying situations that may attract termites to your home, such as wood piles or mulch that is too close to your home, or places where wood and drywall have direct contact with ground. Since many species of termites are subterranean, making sure they don’t have easy access to burrow into your home is essential.  Best Pest Control Melbourne is committed to keeping your home termite free by finding all the risks and reducing or eliminating them through the best services we can offer such as termite treatment.

One essential part of protecting your home from further invasion is regular termite inspection. So call today to book your first appointment and let you show us why partnering with us for regular inspection is a smart investment for the health of your home.

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