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Termite Control Services Melbourne

Pest Control Melbourne offers termite control services in Melbourne, and will locate, and exterminate an infestation promptly. Monitoring, control and treatment is just a phone call away with Pest Control Melbourne. Our team of friendly specialists will work in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. They are highly trained, and licensed bug riddance professionals.

We have decades of experience in the field, and no termite infestation is too big, or too small for us to handle. We inspect, treat, and the protect your Melbourne property to prevent further infestations.

Control Services:

  • Inspection
  • Treatment
  • Control and Prevention

Termite Inspection

It is no secret that these critters can cause serious damage to your home or building’s infrastructure. The colony could potentially consume key points of your home’s support structure, and damage your foundation if left untreated. Certain properties attract more than others, thus, they may require more inspections than other properties. If you think that DIY control is no longer effective scheduling an inspection for your home is just a simple phone call away. Our certified team of exterminators can service every home or business in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. Our highly trained and  specialists get any job relating to any type of insect done, big or small. Nothing is too much for our company and staff.

Termite Treatment

We use a number of different treatment methods, use a variety of preventative measures and the best treatment chemicals to ensure the infestation does not reoccur.

Termite Control

Sometimes referred to as ‘white ants’, they are attracted to just about every kind of lumber. We recommend removing all lumber and shavings from the property as well as treating the colony itself. Limiting, or removing a termite’s access to food will greatly benefit the extermination as well as prevent them from possibly returning in the future. Termites, like most living things, also require a source of water to survive. do an inspection for potential leaks, and water around or under the home so further termite infestations do not occur.

Termite Protection

Our professionals can use both chemical and physical barriers for new homes during construction. This will discourage them from feasting on your home after it has been built. Your builder may use concrete, metal, and other non-edible materials may be used to help protect against termites. These materials can be fitted into a home’s foundation, the support structure, and even the interior walls. We can easily install termite control systems like plastic sheeting that has been impregnated with chemicals as a physical barrier. Call now for our Control and protection services.

What are Termites?

There are several subspecies, but they can all cause significant damage to homes or decks. These repairs can end up rather costly if the infestation isn’t handled quickly and properly.

This means that your house, one of your largest investments, is thoroughly protected, and benefits from the hard work and value you’ve put into it.

The most common subspecies you will find attacking your home are the subterranean. These pests eat many forms of cellulose, but their favorite snack is wood. Unfortunately, this often means someone’s home or business becomes their meal. Infestations will often start with the pests feeding on wood chips, or woodpiles that are close to the home, and then they move their way onto the main structure of the house. Subterranean type white ants usually exist in colonies ranging from five hundred thousand, to a whopping 5 million members. This can lead to a huge amount of damage to the wood in your home. Our specialists are thoroughly trained to succeed the most advanced termite treatment services.

Our company also offers spray-on chemical barriers. Certified professionals may use these after a home is completely treated. Chemical barriers work by treating the soil around your home, where it acts as a sort of chemical moat that will generally cause the bugs to turn around and build their colony elsewhere. While these are just a couple of ways you can prevent them, if you suspect you have an infestation already, contact Pest Control Melbourne immediately. Our professionals will determine the extent of your problem, and then recommend a treatment. All of our treatments will include protection to prevent another termite infestation from happening in the future.   Speak to qualified professionals for the Melbourne area.

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