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There is nothing worse than finding out that you’re being invaded by pests and vermin.  Melbourne thankfully has just the team of professionals you need to help eradicate these invaders in your business or home.  55 years of experience is carried under the Pest Control Melbourne, where we hire only the best professionals in the industry to eliminate rats, termites, wasps, and other unwanted creatures from your location.

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Common Pests & Vermin in Melbourne


We have specialized in dealing with these particular pests for many years.  With wood being the most popular construction material, it’s inevitable that the insects are among the most common critters to infest homes and businesses.  White ants are prolific hunters of food, and will infest any location that has an abundance of their favorite foods.  Our experts will use the newest techniques for control to protect your home for years to come.


While rats can make wonderful, loving, and intelligent pets, wild rats use this same intelligence to become some of the most pernicious animals found in nature.  Their propensity for getting into everywhere, and being able to chew through almost any material, makes them difficult to remove once they’ve settled in.

The amount of damage they can cause cannot be understated, so don’t let yourself be kept awake at night hearing them gnawing and scratching inside the walls of your home.  Instead, call the rat control experts to help you get rid of these unwanted guests.


Cousins to the larger rat, mice can become quite a problem when they get into your home.  They are the harbingers of disease, carry parasites and bacteria to all the members of your home.  They can get into your food, and chew through wires, insulation, and ventilation.  This last one is particularly dangerous, as their waste can become airborne, spreading the dangerous hantavirus throughout your home.

Our experts know all of the latest mice control and removal, and are ready to help you with a free, no-obligation quote for  our services.


fly infestationEveryone is familiar with the aggravation that is the biting critters known as fleas.  Removal of them requires the hand of a professional, especially to make sure that it was done efficiently, safely, and correctly.  These creatures are exceptional at finding their way into the small hidden away spaces in your home, but we’ll send our experts out to help control fleas and protect you from them in the future.


Cockroaches are among nature’s most resilient species with their immunity to most poisons and environmental toxins. Our team of professionals are ready to help you get rid of these tenacious of insects.  While they can be prevented by making sure that any and all sources of food are unavailable to them, this is often trickier than it sounds as they can eat anything, even the glue off the back of wallpaper.  Call today and we’ll set you up with a visit from our Melbourne roach control experts.

Bees and Wasps

waspBees and wasps both carry with them a nasty sting, and finding a hive in your home or nearby on your property is cause for concern.  While bees tend to be relatively docile, happy to buzz about the flowers and produce delicious honey, they, like wasps, can be dangerous if their nests are threatened. Wasps in particular are prone to stinging, known for being territorial, and being able to sting multiple times.

Our bee and wasp removal professionals have all the gear and equipment needed to safely and effectively remove these nuisances from your home.


Spiders are often welcome outdoors in our gardens and even around our verandas, and why not?  They’re nature’s little creature controllers, that eat all sorts of annoying insects from mosquitoes to flies and keep insect species off our plants.  But no one wants them in their home, where these creepy crawlies can get into everything and come crawling out to startle you at any moment.  Some species will bite humans though usually out of fear or confusion, and some rare few are even dangerous to human life.  If you have an infestation of spiders in your home, call our Melbourne spider control specialists so we can remove them today.


Silverfish are among the more disturbing creatures you can find in your home. While they aren’t dangerous to humans at all, their appearance is decidedly unsettling and they can be incredibly destructive to your belongings.  With their long centipede like bodies and dangerous looking pincers, they aren’t nice to look at.  Thankfully, they’re not difficult to get under control with the right techniques. Give us a call today, and we’ll be happy to tell you all about our silverfish control and treatment services.

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